Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Question for everyone......Do you even look at my blog?? I don't ever post anymore because I don't think anyone even enjoys it...(but me). Lol. So, I just don't take the time to do it anymore. so if you actually look at my blog let me know. I would love to update it! :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We went camping down to Glendale Resivor (sp?) down in Preston with Derek's family. It was alot of fun going and relaxing. Here are some fun pictures of the weekend. This first one is of me on the pontoon out on the water. Being a little camera happy. Lol I had the bright idea to have Kim bring her pontoon behind me and we would try to get a picture of her behind me. It worked!! I am a smartie! Lol. So that is Derek sister Kim.

Little miss Skylar! She gets so dirty up camping! Love it!

Skylar, Evan and Braedon (Kim's son). Evan is actually sitting on Braedon's lap! lol

Skylar sitting on Braedon's lap! How cute! :) We had an awesome weekend! I am so glad we went with Derek's family camping!

Fishing at Birch Creek

So for some reason I downloaded my pictures backwards! lol. So, you can see our day in reverse! These are pictures of the kids on the way home from fishing. They were pooped out!! Especially Skylar!

Here is a picture of Derek and Evan Fishing. Skylar and I only got to fish for half the day, because there were these nasty trout flies that were scaring Skylar to death! Not even joking! So, we spend most of the time in the truck....Fun fun!

It is hard to entertain a 2 year old in a truck with the windows up. Lol. So.....we ate! Haha. Here she is polishing off the bag of chips. Little stinker!

Here is a picture of Evan catching his own fish! He was sooo excited!

This is a fish that I caught and Skylar got to reel it in. She did not like that fish by her! Lol. Can you tell that she is a total girl??

The mighty fisherman holding his first fish her caught! He was so cute trying to hold onto that slippery fish!

I love this picture! All 3 of my favorite people waiting patiently for a fish!

Skylar sitting next to m while I was fishing. She had to be where mama was! Love it!

Evan showing me the fish eggs. What a cutie!

And the first picture finally! Lol. Here is Derek and Evan getting the fishing poles ready so we can go fishing! All in all it was a fun day. (Even though I had to spend a big part in the truck) Haha. It was nice to get out on one of the few days it was nice and catch the kids a fish!

Mother's Day 2010

Every year for Mother's Day, we go on a picnic. This year we went out to Menan and BBQ'd hamburgers and played on the toys. It was a blast! This picture is of Evan and Eric on his longboard. It was Eric's first time having someone else on the board with him, and it went well! Evan couldn't get enough of this longboard. He had a blast. And little Miss Skylar is running to catch up.
These next pictures are of Evan and Skylar playing on the playground at the park. At first Skylar had to go down the slide with Uncle Eric, but she finally did it on her own. Now we can't get her off the slides!! Aren't they both soooo cute??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vegas Baby!!

So for our 5 year anniversary, we decided to go somewhere on vacation. I wanted to go to Mexico, but decided to pay off our truck instead. Kindof sad, but definantly the smart thing to do! So when I was trying to decide where to go, my sister in law Kim and her husband Brandon were going to to Vegas for their 5 year anniversary, so we joined them! And we each invited a couple to go with us! It was soo much fun. Here are a couple of pictures from our week. This first one is of me and Kim putting our hands on Shaq's handprints. Holy Cow! His hands are huge. IF you can see it right, his hands are atleast twice our size!!
This picture is of us at the piano bar in the NY NY hotel. This bar was AWESOME! (Even for people who don't drink!) This was probably the funnest part of the week!
We spent one whole day by the pool. Wish it could have been 2 or 3! This is a picture of Kim, me and Melissa Rhodehouse (Kim's friend) Loved loved loved the sun!!

Derek and I enjoying the sun!

Kim and me at the piano bar!

Derek and I on the gondala ride. This was ok.......definantly wouldn't recomend it. Haha. Just kindof a waste of money! lol

Another picture of us on the gondala ride.

Brandon and Kim on the gondala ride!

The girls getting our picture taken with "Johnny Depp". Me, Kim, Kerry and Melissa!

Derek and I standing on the skywalk that goes between NYNY and MGM. The strip is behind us!

All in all had an awesome weekend! Was excited to see my kiddo's though! Skylar was so mad at me all week though. I called twice a day to talk to them, and only Evan would talk. Everytime they tried to get Skylar to talk she would cry. Broke my heart! Then when we got home, Evan came running to me and Skylar pushed me out of the way and went to her dad! She was still mad at me!! It took her a couple of minutes, then she finally came and gave me a kiss. Enjoyed the break from reality, now back to the real world!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

The kids loooved coloring eggs! They thought it was the coolest thing! And yes I made them take their shirts off.......haha I think this is a cute picture of them "watching" their it displays a few that they had already colored.

She is a goof ball! I told her to show me her egg, and this is what she did.....

And this is what Evan did. They were so excited to color on their eggs, then see the writing appear after it was colored. Man, I wish I still had the curiosity and innocence of a child! Wouldn't like be alot more exciting??
Again I asked them to both show me their eggs, and since Evan put his on his head, Skylar had to do the same! I will admit, i was alittle nervous of them dropping them!! All in all, we had a fun time and can't wait for Easter to do all the other "projects" and egg hunt!!! Soooo excited!!

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Salmon weekend #2

So we went up fishing to Salmon again this last weekend. It was another beautiful weekend!! Except for of course the one day that Derek's parents decided to drive up to go fishing with us. It is a 4 hour drive if you are driving hard, not pulling a trailer. So they came up Saturday morning, and only got to fish for like 3 hours! It was sooooo cold that day and the wind was blowing like crazy. So, here is a picture of them standing by the fire after we got done fishing. And I know it doesn't look cold, but it was!
Derek's mom Gail fishing in the freezing weather!!

One of the many fish Derek caught over the weekend. He caught 7 on Thursday, 5 on Friday and none the rest of the weekend. Awesome fishing!!

Here is Derek helping Evan net a fish a nice guy by us caught. Evan thought that was pretty cool!

And here is Evan reeling in a fish that Derek caught. He thought that was pretty fun!

Evan again reeling in a different fish. I think this was a fish the guy next to us caught and let him reel in.

Skylar and Evan playing in the sand on the beach we were fishing on . I like that fishing spot for that reason.

Derek, my dad, and Evan fishing. Evan was the smart one!!

Skylar playing in the sand.

We had an awesome weekend and are very grateful that we can go a couple times a year. I am very grateful for Derek who works hard so we can play hard!! I love you Derek!! Thanks for everything!